Monday, April 18, 2011

A Weekend Recap

We survived the weekend tornados.  And shopped 'til we dropped.  Well, at least my mom and I did.  I realize the juxstaposition of these two events seems somewhat callous and, I promise, dear readers, I do not mean it to be.  It's just that that is what happened in my life this weekend.  I am all for recording it as it is. 

My parents got in town Friday night.  Math Man was in class in Durham and, while I miss him always and every event is always immediately improved by his presence, I have to admit really relishing the two-on-one attention from my parents.  Every child (even adult child) must feel this way sometimes, no?  We went to the dog park where Mr. Mason didn't really socialize but he did get in some good sniffing and squirrel stalking.  Then we went out for pizza (yes, the pups too) and I said yes when my dad plied my mom and I with wine.  Why yes, I suppose I will have just one more glass, thank you.  After all, wine goes so well with pizza.  We chatted and Mr. Mason enjoyed tolerated his cousin (actually, they did quite well together). 

My mom and I spent most of Saturday at the Tanger Outlets.  I did quite well and would even go so far as to say that I relished my new size (the 70% off of everything at Banana didn't hurt either).  Around 2 pm though, it got quite dark outside and the storm that had been somewhat threatening us all day, came out in full force.  After about an hour of 40 mph (on the interstate!) white nuckle driving, we made it home by 3 pm.  By 4 pm, the radio was telling us to get into the basement and Math Man had called to say he was in the basement of the MBA building.  My little apartment is basement-less, so my parents, Mr. Mason, my parents' dog Pax, and I sat knee to knee on the floor of my pantry for an hour. 

We were lucky.  We lost power and had a few moments of fright.  And afterwards, when we drove downtown looking for dinner, we realized just how close the storm had come.  And how our life moved on so seemlessly.  But for some families, life would never be the same way again.  The power of the storm and the complete devastation in just a few small pockets of this state might not be as widespread as the devastation which cut across Japan last month or brought down upon the Gulf Coast by Katrina, but for those families affected, I know it is felt just as deeply.  And will continue to be felt for a long time after the news stations move on to other stories.

Feeling undeservedly lucky.

p.s. Math Man and I ran 2.6 miles this weekend!  Only one brief stop. 

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