Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Centerpieces

Photo  Forever Photography by Kylene via Wedding Wire
Love the navy, green, yellow, and white.  Love the use of lemons and limes.  Love how sunshiney and crisp this looks.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Inspiration: Offices

All photos from Pottery Barn Design Studio

I'm still here

It's been almost a month (since May 2nd) since I posted a "real" post.  You know one where I actually said something instead of just slapping a photo up of something I found pretty.  (Again, with photos I've found prior to discovering Pinterest). 

Sorry about that.  It wasn't really on purpose.  At first, I wanted to take the time to adequately write about our 5K.  Yes, we ran it.  The whole thing without stopping.  In fact, I crossed the finish line at 29 minutes 56 seconds.  (I know, slow for so many, but for me I'll take a big WOOT WOOT for finishing under 30!)  Not only that, much more importantly about $8,000 was raised to fight Batten Disease

And then my mom visited.  We went wedding dress shopping.  I spent some time in Charlotte getting things done there (step one towards a calming bedroom done, step two through ten still to go).  I've seen some friends, had good phone chats with others, am holding my breath for the the health of another and for her little baby Noah in the NICU right now, spent some quality time with my sewing machine and am falling in love with it, interviewed for an awesome job (and am now in the limbo waiting period), have been busy at work, and, am still madly in love with my Math Man who I get to call my FIANCE now.  And well, you know how it goes, somehow each one of these things was blog worthy but I didn't get around to stopping and writing it all down. 

I'll try to be better about it.  Because, I want a record of these things that make me smile.  You know, more like this awesome lady.  But, if I'm not?  Well, I'll keep posting a few smile-worthy pictures.  And I'll keep smiling in real life.  And then at some point I'll be back here on this space again saying that I have been so busy but its all good really.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Inspiration

Perhaps, this would have been better titled "Life Inspiration."

I know I told you all (in my ridiculously long winded story about our engagement here) about the sweet couple who we talked with right before Math Man asked me to marry him.  Well, of course, I didn't get their names.  So this photo isn't them.  But it is really sweet and it does perfectly remind me of my number one life goal. 

To live together happily loving Math Man everyday of the rest of our lives.  To remember to feed his soul as he feeds mine.  To fall more and more in love with him every day.

This photo is therefore an aspirational reminder.

Photo by  Jesse Holland Photography found at Style Me Pretty

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: The Dress

Love that this dress is a halter top.  Love the lace and the sash.  Not as sure about how full the skirt appears or about the big bow in back. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Cake

Photo by Souder Photography via Style Me Pretty
 Love the simplicity and natural elements of this cake.  Would be also gorgeous with a spice cake and a pile of baked apples instead of blueberries, wouldn't it? Or perhaps still a white cake but with raspberries.

Hmmm... Might not be able to wait for a wedding to make a cake like this.  I'm thinking Fourth of July with strawberries and blueberries.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: a short beachy wedding dress

The Eyelet Wilma Dress by Lilly Pullitzer
Are short dresses just way too casual for a wedding?  I love this one.  Love the price tag too (expensive for a sundress, but a steal for a wedding dress).  Also, so beachy and fun and even dyable to re-wear again in the future.

(Although, if I go this route, there's some above/side knee leg toning to do.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Save the Date

Photo by Callaway Gable Photography via Style Me Pretty
Does this look like a cute save-the-date?  I bet we could do this ourselves...

On a related note, what do you guys think the rule is on save-the-dates?  I mean, for a small wedding, are word of mouth and phone calls enough to hold the date open? 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: The Dress

I can't even see all of this one.  But oh!  The eyelet!  I love the texture.  So southern and casual yet elegant. 

Photo by  Sophie of Mike Larson Inc. via Grey Likes Weddings
And her shoes--I love yellow and I love peeptoes!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Invitations

Just love these traditional yet very artistic invitations from Breathless Paper Co..

This would be perfect for a Charleston wedding.

Can't you picture this with apples instead of peaches?  Would be perfect for a Virginia wedding.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: A Bride and her Bichon

Photo by Juliet Elizabeth via Style Me Pretty
When I picture my wedding day, of course I picture Mr. Mason there.  (After all, he was there for the engagement.)

I love you more than. . .

I love you more than law school graduation.*

*which was one year ago today.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses

Adelson Shift and Betsy Dress by Lilly Pullitzer
Love these.  Lovy the navy.  I'd love to be the bridesmaid of a bride who chose these.  I would certainly wear them again!  Also, I love that an easy-going bride could let bridesmaids choose whether they prefer the shift Adelson dress or the strapless Betsy dress. 

Perhaps? a bit too preppy for the more casual beach or Virginia affair of my dreams.  But perhaps not....?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Inspiration: Office

Desk by Ballard Design
Wouldn't this very minimal desk be great in the small space of a our condo?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mr. Mason: the teen years

Bloggy friends, it was a big weekend and I've got lots to share.  Some happy and some sad.  I'm praying so hard for dear friends of ours and their twins--one who has gone to heaven yesterday and another who needs a miracle. 

No more time to write right now.  I'll leave you with a happy picture to lift spirits. 

Mr. Mason -- Late Summer 2006

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Seersucker

With the right setting (hmmm... the beach...) I am just loving the seersucker bridesmaid look.  More casual.  Cool.  Southern.  And I know every bride says this about whatever dress she picks out for her bridesmaids, but I really do think this would be re-wearable.    (Also, how great would white seersucker be for the bride for a rehearsal dinner?)

Lula Kate Dresses (photo from their website's "real weddings" tab)
Lula Kate Dresses (photo from their website's "real weddings" tab)
Bowtie by Moss Ties and Tie by Baby by Stevie

Thread dresses via Ruffled 
BCBG (yellow) and Old Navy (blue) seersucker dresses both circa 2007

 photo by Our Labor of Love via Elizabeth Anne Designs

photo by Orchard Cove Photography

Vineyard Vines seersucker dress circa 2010

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Invitations

Invitation by  Hello!Lucky
I love the crispness and simplicity of this invitation.  Although, I think it would take me a long time to come up with one symbol to symbolize us and our wedding.  A shrimp?  Perhaps a bit too me and not us.  A bichon?  Might be too cutesy.  A globe?  Yes, but does that imply a destination wedding?  A sundress?  Definitely says fun casual beach, but it might be way too feminine.  A sailboat?  Possible.

Monday, May 2, 2011

In Preparation for Saturday's 5K

Well, tonight for the first time ever I ran 5K without stopping (not even once).  I just wanted to know I could do it before Saturday.  It was not pretty.  It was not fast.  (It took every second of 31 minutes!)  I definitely puffpuffpuffed.  It was hard for me.  But I did it.  Without stopping.  (And yes, can you tell?  I'm just a wee bit proud of myself.)

I just wish that Taylor's war against Batten Disease was as easy as my little battle against running.  

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend my bloggy friends.  I had an interview, dear friends got married, and we went to a grill-out with Math Man's family to celebrate our engagement and one of his grandmother's birthdays and a second grill-out with friends.  Oh plus, I attempted to house clean and organize the condo.  And re-arranged our bedroom.  And did a small mountain of laundry.  Math Man and I oh-so-briefly discussed wedding plans.  Went to the gym.  Spent quite a bit of time with Mr. Mason.  And I spent lots of time running errands--dropped off things at GoodWill, the consignment shop, the alterations shop, the dry cleaners, and the grocery store--TWICE, because you know, I'm a good planner like that.  You know all those exciting tasks that I'm discovering go along with being a grown-up. 

I also spent some time at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods.  Remember this post where I was imagining that we could use our two little white bookshelves on either side of our bed as bedside tables?  I moved them there and then measured them in hopes of finding baskets to put in them.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that these cute solid white shelves are not at all the same size---in fact, not one of the shelves are the same height.  One book shelf is 10 inches deep, the other is 8.5 inches deep.  One is one width, the other another width.  I didn't let that deter me though.  I took measurements and headed off to Homegoods where I spent quite a bit of time in the basket aisle with my "purse-ruler" (as I called the tapemeasure when Math Man called me to see what I was doing).  No luck, but I haven't given up yet. 

How about you?  Any homeifying progress this weekend?  (If not, don't feel bad, bloggy friends.  Trust me when I tell you that you're probably starting out WAY ahead of where I am starting.  Plus, perhaps you spent your weekend in a more fun way.  Like laying out by the pool enjoying this awesome weather!)

Of course, homeifying our condo actually makes me quite happy---it means I'm that much closer to moving in full time with Math Man!  And having celebratatory grill-outs makes me feel so very loved.  I'm a lucky girl.

Sunday, May 1, 2011