Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charleston for the Easter Weekend

I'm pretty excited because Math Man, Mr. Mason, and I are slipping away to our favorite place ever.  Charleston. 

And I don't want to rub it in but look where we get to stay? 

The Inn at Middleton Place is the kind of modern that I like.  It is exactly the opposite sort of place I imagine staying in in Charleston but it looks so gorgeously integrated into it's surroundings and I just can't wait to sit out on that lawn reading a book or chatting with Math Man.  And then explore the entire place grounds (it seems like the sort of place that warrants the word "grounds") with Mr. Mason. 

Just look at those huge windows.  And it's overlooking the river.  Oh, plus, fireplaces in the rooms.  (I mean, it's a bit warm for that, but still... one of my favorite things ever)

Between walking the beaches.  Eating at our favorite restaurant ever.  And exploring downtown.  I just CANNOT wait to begin this weekend.


  1. Enjoy! The weather here is supposed to be fabulous this weekend... we're seriously considering spending almost all of our time at the beach (If you're looking for a great one close kinda to Middleton, I recommend Beachwalker Park at Kiawah Island... best beach in Chas! I haven't been to the Inn at Middleton Place but my friends have raved about it!

  2. wow, this place looks fab-u-lous!!! I wish it was warm here, we still need our fireplace today in Canada!

  3. That looks like a good time...I love modern living...have fun...following you back


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