Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Rest-Of-Our-Magic Weekend

Wanted to take a few minutes to record a few highlights from the rest of our weekend. 

After the proposal, and my heart stopped pounding quite so loudly in my ears, and I'd wiped away the little tears that had somehow sprung up in my eyes, and I'd grinned like a fool for a few minutes and hugged Math Man twenty more times, we called our parents.  Turns out, Math Man had tipped them off that tonight was the night and so they were waiting for our call. 

We then headed into Charleston to have dinner at Bacco.  We called Mikey (the owner and chef of Bacco and our dear friend) on the way in and let him know that Math Man's original plans to propose to me at Bacco were thwarted.  He just got excited, and with the ring in his pocket, and the sunset over the marsh, he couldn't wait! 

We arrived to glasses of celebratory proseco and then were treated to a tasting menu prepared just for us.  Salad, rissotto, pasta, fish, clams, duck, and three desserts.  And, of course, wine.  Mikey also interrupted all the diners in order to make our announcement.  Everyone cheered and toasted us and I have not stopped smiling since.

Saturday, Charleston treated us to a dose of summer.  We spent the entire day on the beach with only a brief break for a lunch of shrimp.  Poor Math Man's top of his feet were scorched--guess he missed them with the SPF 70.  We spent the evening eating out in Charleston.  Sunday, we played tourists again.  We went to the Middleton Plantation all morning and then walked around downtown Charleston in the afternoon and had sandwiches out at the riverfront park.  Even my 4.5 hour drive back Sunday evening (alone because Math Man had to go back to Charlotte while I drove to Raleigh) couldn't dampen my spirits.  I spent the entire ride on the phone and soaked up getting to tell my friends again and again the story of how-it-happened.  Sunday evening back at the apartment, I left Mr. Mason to sleep off his big weekend on the couch and made it outside for 2 miles of running without stopping.  Amazing what endorphins and pure happiness can do for you.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

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