Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Inspiration: Living Rooms

I like that I can grab images online and then type my thoughts right on top of the images to record what tickled my happy bone.  Here are a few I'm really loving (making me think that summer is coming) from the ever-expensive but classy Pottery Barn.

Photos all from Pottery Barn.  Obviously, with my comments typed on top.

Also, I'm so very grateful that Hector is now a big brother.  Baby Augustus is here.  Safe and sound.  He put up quite the fight--as his mama said "he was quite happy in his mancave"--and eventually after 34 hours of pushing, he had to make his entrance via c-section.  Now my prayers are for his mama to heal so she can get home and spend this time soaking up and getting to know her son. 

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  1. After looking this over a bit more, I've changed my mind about being unsure about the stripes. I love them.



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