Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Inspiration: Socialite Skirt

Okay, one thing the internet is really good at is giving me loads and loads of ideas of things that I just HAVE TO make.  Ugh, seriously, I think I need a sewing machine.  This skirt is adorable and this woman's blog is just chocked full of adorable clothes she's made.  I love them all but especially this skirt.  Seriously, I would buy this in a store.  And if I made it?!?  I'd have to make it in EVERY SINGLE COLOR.  Love it.

Socialite Skirt by Elle Apparel (she even posted a tutorial on how she made it!)
p.s. As of right now, no baby yet for Hector's mom and dad.  Last I heard, after 38 hours of labor, they were prepping for a c section.  Oh sweet baby, come safely. 

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