Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Inspiration: A Gorgeous Office

Just in case you'd like to swoon....  (or are building your dream house).
photo found on Apartment Therapy

The Internet is Full of Good People

As I mentioned to you the other day, I've been on a bit of weight-loss journey.  Well, as part of that journey, I've been stumbling around bloggyland, looking for inspiration and reading about a wide variety of new-to-me workouts, light recipes, and various bits of encouragement when I really want to reach for a cookie instead.  Which brought me to Rachel.  Rachel has a very inspiring yoga blog--not only inspiring because of her yoga practice, but generally inspiring because of her general happy outlook on life.  Oh, plus, she hosts the occasional giveaway.  And this girl loves a good giveaway.  And so, through some luck, after entering one of Rachel's giveaways, I found myself excitedly awaiting a yoga prize coming in the mail. 

Only, it never came.  Now, I don't know how often this happens, but I have to imagine I'm not the only one who's had this experience before.  Excitment for something awesome and free to come in the mail.  Something that I want but might not have splurged for myself.  Thrill at how much I need new workout gear--because watching-what-I-eat-and-going-regularly-to-the-gym! is actually working and it would be nice to not hide out in my baggy sweat pants but to get to play at being one of those cute gym bunnies.  But then, disappointment.  Because it never shows up.  And then realizing that boo.... I'd actually let myself get really excited about new workout wear and now I wasn't going to get it unless I forked over some hard-earned cash for it myself.  (Hey, I'm not all splurgy in real life!  After all, government attorneys don't make that much!)

But then... only five days ago (I literally just checked gmail to be sure that this timing is right because I was impressed with the speed), Rachel emailed me to tell me that she was so sorry but that it looked like the particular giveaway sponsor who'd hosted the giveaway I'd won was going to flake out.... but, and here's where Rachel wins one of my highly-prestigious (well to me) awesome-sauce awards, that she had some contacts within the yoga community and she'd reached out to see if another blog-sponsor could make it right by me.  So she tells me to check out YogaWithStyle because Jennifer over there is going to send some goody my way. 

I choose the Alo capri pant.  In navy.  Teal blue piping.  And bloggyworld, let me tell you, there is a new gym bunny at the YMCA!  (hehe, it's me! --just in case that wasn't obvious.)  I can already tell that these pants are going to be in my regular rotation.  Erhem, there going to join the ranks of pants-that-when-dirty-motivate-me-to-run-laundry-immediately!  Comfy.  Flexible.  And cute to boot.  They add ooom to my yoga practice and hi-ya! to my kickboxing. 

Now this isn't a review blog.  And I have no intention of making it one.  This is a blog about things that make me happy.  And the good in the world.  And things that live up to the smile-standard set by Mr. Mason.  Rachel and Jennifer, you guys make the cut.  Thank you for stepping up and "making things right" when you didn't have to.  When you had no obligation to whatsoever.  For righting a wrong that wasn't even your fault.  For making this girl smile and then fist pump.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Journey

So I've hinted at it here and here, but not come out and said it because, well, frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed.  (Yes, even in this anonymous space of interweb)  I mean, I didn't want to promise (yet again) to get skinny/exercise more/eat healthier/lose weight/tone up and then fail--only to have it this time be somewhat publically.  But I'm now going to go ahead and shout it out.  I'm trying to lose weight.  Now, I never was really very overweight.  And weirdly, that is actually part of what made me hesitant to tell anyone that I wanted to lose.  I struggled a wee bit (who didn't?) with body image in my late teens and early twenties and any mention of wanting to lose weight was met with my parents and friends exclaiming, "but you don't need to!" 

Of course, though, I did/do.  Slowly and surely, I'd gained weight since graduating from college.  And the pounds had piled on during law school.  I'd always stayed active--I loved my gym classes, but I was noticing that I wasn't really in great shape anymore.  And my clothing sizes were inching up.  I'd been a 2 or a 4 in college (keep in mind, that I'm a small boned five foot two) but the clothes I was buying at the end of law school to wear in my new job were all 8s!  I hated how I looked in photographs.  And while I've really enjoyed looking at the pictures of my sister at her wedding in October, the pictures of me in the bridesmaid dress make me want to shudder. 

And, so, this January, I made a not-new, not-original, but perhaps for the first time very-resolute new year's resolution.  I started tracking what I was eating.  And made a promise to make it to the gym on a more regular basis.  I told the Math Man and then swore him to secrecy.  (I needed an ally)  And so far, I'm succeeding.  I've lost eleven pounds as of this morning since January 1st at a slow but steady pace.  And I've gotten a few compliments.  And my clothes are all bigger.  In fact, I don't have a single pair of work pants that fit.  And I just bought new jeans the other weekend (hello! consignment shops with designer jeans!  good-bye to ever buying jeans at a department store again!)  And I'm going to be honest with you, it feels AWESOME. 

So I'm putting it out there.  My goal is to lose 9 more pounds.  For a grand total of twenty.  Bringing me back to my college-days range.  And of course, this has to be done in a slow and steady, healthy way.  I'd love to do it by summer. 

This isn't about to become a weight loss blog.  It's still a blog about things that make me happy.  But, to be honest, this awesome sauce, pants-too-big, loving-me-because-darn-it-I'm-worth-it, journey is making me happy.  So be forewarned, I just might blog about it again.  Because, darn it, those last nine pounds aren't going to just disappear on their own.  And knowing that someone out there in the internet knows that I'm working on this, just might motivate me to make the 100 healthy choices that add up to each little pound lost.  And man oh man, am I looking forward to that trip to the alteration shop once I'm there.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bathroom Update (but no pictures) and Basket Bookshelves

Well, my weekend involved painting, taping, and more painting and I am proud to announce that we now have a striped guest bathroom!  And I LOVE it.  No pictures yet (or anytime soon, I'm sure) because we tend to do house projects at a pace of super slow to quite super slow and I still don't have a mirror back up on the wall yet.  This is despite having brought home two different ones which I was certain were PERFECT in the store, only to get them home and hold them up and find them both lacking somehow. 

In the meantime though, here's a bit of inspiration.  I'm now on the hunt for baskets that fit the two matching little bookshelves we own which look just-like-this-one-here!  Don't worry, I'm now traveling everywhere with a tape measure in my purse.  Yes, I am morphing into that girl.
This lovely bedroom picture and inspiring bookshelves found here
Perhaps those two little bookshelves with still-to-be-found-but-I'm-certain-they're-out-there-baskets can be my solution to our lack of bedside tables?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love you more than. . .

I love you more than Mr. Mason smelling like Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Home Inspiration: Bathrooms

Well, this weekend I did in fact start on our guest bathroom.  I took down the large wall contractor mirror and all the chrome colored towel racks (which I felt were placed in a somewhat random arrangement in the room).  I spackeled and painted the ceiling and measured out all my stripes and began to cut paint in around the tub, the vanity, and along the floor trim.  I bought a mirror at TJ Maxx's which I loved (and for only $29.99!), but when I got it home and got Math Man to hold it up in the space, I decided it might be too small, so back to the store it goes. 

I don't have any big reveal photos yet (ehem, because the project is not done yet at all).  So I thought I'd share with you some photos of other bathrooms (not my own--in fact, all much bigger, lighter, and prettier than my own) which I find inspiring.  Once again, I've typed my own notes to myself right on top of my inspiration photos. 

All photos from Pottery Barn Design Studio

The Great Purge: VHS Tapes

Started some of the sorting/purging process this weekend. 

Beginning with VHS tapes.  Can you believe we own over 95?!  I'm tired of them taking up space and we never watch them, so I took a picture and listed them on craigslist.  Disney movies (do you remember those oversized plastic covers?), musicals, a few action flicks, quite a few chick flicks, comedies--we have quite the collection.  Here are just a few of them:

I'm sure when we bought all of these, we never thought that they'd become obsolete.  Now, here's to hoping that someone in 2011 still wants them.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Email for Mr. Mason

Math Man sent Mr. Mason a birthday email today.  (via me of course)  I just had to share because it certainly is part of the Mr. Mason festivities around these parts today.  Plus, I just think that Math Man is the sweetest ever. 

Dear Mason,

Happy Saint Patty’s Day and Happy 5th Birthday from your dog dad! I’m quite excited to celebrate with you this weekend. I promise that there will be some good walks. Hopefully we will see squirrels.

With age comes more responsibility. You are now the man of the house. Please make sure you take Callie on walks in the morning and in the evening. They are a good for her, and maybe it will give you an opportunity to see additional squirrels. Also, please make sure to guard the house. By this I mean please sit in the window frequently (on the back of the couch) to scare away malicious neighborhood guitar players, and of course any mean spirited squirrels. With all of this middle east uprising, please also be on the lookout for insurgent squirrels.

Please look forward to being dyed green this year for your birthday!


post-edit:  I cannot wait until Mr. Mason, the Math Man, and I all get to be in one place all the time.  No more of this just emailing on birthdays.  Also, Math Man kids about dying Mr. Mason green.  He suggests it all the time but I am 172% against it. 

 Photo from Math Man's email.  I have no idea where he found it.

How Mr. Mason spent his birthday in 2009

His cousin Wolfgang is just a speeding blur.  Mr. Mason in hot pursuit.

Warming up and drying off

His view off the back porch
Mr. Mason spent St. Patrick's Day 2009 (otherwise known as Mr. Mason's third birthday) on Folly Beach.  He had a fabulous time and does not quite understand why we aren't having a repeat performance for his fifth birthday.  Ah, being a real person with a real job.  Man, I miss spring break.

Five Years of Mr. Mason

Happy Birthday Mr. Mason! 

I love you soooo much.  I'm so lucky (four leaf clovers and other St. Paddy luckiness!) that you picked us out and made sure that we went home with you. 

p.s. Is it crazy to anyone besides me that Math Man and I got a dog together and today that sweet little hunk of joy is old enough that if he was a person he'd go to kindergarten?  Oh lord, when I have a human child, I am going to be a sentimental mess, aren't I?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Inspiration: Closet Edition

So I've spent some time in the last few days online (what else is new?) looking at more design blogs.  And online catalogs.  Sherry (of Young House Love.  Who doesn't know me from Eve, but whatever, I feel like we could be friends and this is my blog and so in my blog, we're on a first name basis.) recommends looking through magazines and online and gathering lots of examples of rooms you love.  You know, to see where the commonalities lie.  And discover what you like. 

And, because, you know, I thought it would be fun.  I got the great, completely unoriginal idea to share some of this inspiration with you, bloggyland.  Plus, then I can look back and find these bits of inspiration again.  Easily.  You know.  Win-win. 

So, I'm not really looking to redo our closet.  (Hmmm... although maybe I should because when the Math Man's and my clothes collide, it is going to be one squished elephant trying to fit in a shoebox).  But I can't resist sharing this beautiful space with you.  And I've been obsessed with the idea of a beautiful built in and highly functional closet ever since my regular babysitting job in college.  (Oh yes, that was a mama with a gorgeous closet and the wardrobe to fill it)  Of course, this closet is about the size of our entire bedroom... but, hey, a girl can dream, right?

yummy closet photo via Decorno

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tidbits from my Weekend

  • Take-out pho on Friday night when I got in town at 8:45pm with the Math Man.  Yum.
  • Math Man made us breakfast Saturday morning.  Have I mentioned that I never want to fix eggs again?  He does it so much better and so I've become spoiled.
  • Saturday afternoon visiting with a friend in Huntersville.  Happy for her to have met such a wonderful man and happy that he realizes it and that they are getting married.  And how fun that her daughter is getting married in the same year?  Also, I just love that this co-worker-turned-friend is 30 years older than me and it doesn't even matter.  Some friendships can't be contained by ages. 
  • Math Man was studying much of the weekend but I managed to pull him away to go get burguishi (much more delicious than it sounds) with good friends at Cowfish on Saturday night.  Oh and before that, we had people over for appetizers and I finally for the first time managed to not have my baked brie end up all over the oven.  The trick is definitely LOTS of layers of phyllo dough.  Far more than the recipe called for. 
  • A chatty visit with a good friend who is expecting TWINS!!!  (The extra smiles I feel when I hear about extra long awaited babies is pretty much the most contagious warming happy-dance feeling ever)
  • I ran 1.65 miles on Saturday morning.  I only stopped about halfway through for MERE SECONDS to stretch.  This, my bloggy friends, is a HUGE accomplishment in my book.  Yeah, yeah, I know, my friends and other people run like miles all the time, but for me, every little extra tenth of a mile is huge and I am going to celebrate every little accomplishment along the way.  So, yeah, GO!  ME!   
  • Mr. Mason seemed to have a bit of a bug.  Warm nose and triply cuddly/lazy.  I babied him all weekend long and spent lots of time watching basketball and letting Math Man spoon me while I spooned Mr. Mason with all of us in a pile on the couch.  Sorry that Mr. Mason felt bad but happy for the cuddle time.  P.s. Does anyone know if it is possible for Mr. Mason to have gotten my bug from last week?  Or was it just coincidence that I was under the weather and then 2 days later, Mr. Mason wasn't his usual self too?
  • Meeting neighbors.  They aren't new and we aren't new, but we've just passed each other too many times so that I felt badly asking (re-asking?) what their names were, but this time we stopped, and went through introductions (again?), and chatted and chatted and discovered that we have lots in common. 
  • Sunday afternoon birthday celebration for another friend--complete with getting to meet other friends' (I&R) new baby boy for the first time.  He (the baby) was not a happy camper the whole time, but oh-gracious, he looks just like his mama and wow-ee those blue eyes were to die for. 
So in summary: good food, good friends, lots of cuddles.  A perfect weekend.  Well, perhaps if Carolina had beat Dook and if Wake Forest had even shown up for this year's basketball party, it could have been better, but you know, it was pretty near perfect.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making this Condo into a Home: Guest Bathroom Aspirations

So, I've been mentally nesting.  I say mentally because I haven't started yet.  But the anticipation of FINALLY living in one place with the Math Man.  FULLTIME!  Starting the end of this summer has me excited and daydreaming about the nuts and bolts of moving back across the state.  I am noticing that my blog reading time has been branched out beyond my normal cute-families-blogs/fashion-blogs/foodie-blogs/eventnot-even-engaged-yet-but-enjoy-thinking-about-wedding-planning-blogs and lately, I've added to my internet lurking: DESIGN BLOGS!  After all, there is some sorting and purging to do in order that the stuff I've accumulated in the last few years (seriously three years of law school plus one year now at this job) can integrate seamlessly back into that sweet shared space.  All of course without anyone feeling like their style has been dominated or anyone feeling cramped. 

The problem is a mish-mash of our styles.  You know, one part my grandmother's furniture (some of which I love, some of which, eh, well, am I permitted to say I don't love something even if it is solid hardwood?), one part furniture my dad made us  (light red cherry), one part college dorm (complete with mismatching ikea and craigslisted book shelves), one part pack rat, one part Math Man's 2004 bachelor pad first apartment selections, and one part what happens when you have not enough closets, no basement, no garage, no storage unit, and no attic, aka clutter everywhere!  Plus, one part, I painted the condo a few years back and while we did a great job with some rooms, my color choices in other rooms were, well, hmmm, just not the grown-up look that I wish I'd gone for.  Oh plus, you've got two overachievers with a long distance relationship, two fulltime jobs, and one fulltime student between them.  A.k.a. the very last thing that Math Man wants to do when he's got three seconds of downtime is paint or sort the huge pile of papers on the floor of the office.  Heck, we struggle to even get the laundry put away.  Most mornings I get dressed out of the (clean!) laundry basketpile.

So the end result is a mostly finished living room and kitchen.  We painted yellow.  Erh, "Vellum."  Which had me worried would be too bold but I LOVE it.  And three years later, I STILL love it.  We have LOVELY granite (we did an awesome job when we picked that out) with big expansive countertops perfect for the two of us to cook side by side.  We're still minus window treatments.  Or cabinet sorting.  (On that note, I sometime almost honestly tear up over the four hundredth time I realize that the only other clean spatula we own is three hours away or that I just offered a friend coffee but the coffee filters are at the other place.  I can also tell you that I start to feel positively giddy when I think about the big sort and purge that will happen this summer.  I am envisioning an entire afternoon with all the kitchen appliances, spices, contents of the pantry, dishes, mismatched tupperware, and non-coordinating dish towels out on our counters and a complete wipedown of the inside of each drawer and then a massive trip to goodwill.  Does it make me a boring person that I'm so excited about this?  I like to think I'm not so much excited about the sorting but about feeling like I live in just one place.  This girl is lusting after permanence.)  And the kitchen table isn't quite right.  But really, that room is done.  It looks like grown ups live there.  There are pictures on the walls.  And a rug on the floor.  And it isn't all matchy matchy like we bought everything at once (we didn't).  Instead, it looks natural, like a slowly evolving shared sunshiney space. 

But... That same cohesive, restful vibe is just not happening everywhere else in our condo.  (which upon reflection, I guess is better than the opposite problem.  At least when people come over, they don't see our office, bedroom, and guest room.  At least not most of the time.)  But I've decided that our guests aren't the only visiters to casa-Math-Man-&-Me who deserve a sense of welcoming sunshine.  We deserve that feeling too.  And so, my goal is to "finish" the house.  You know, step it up a bit.  Find spaces for all those papers.  Throw out the stuff we don't need.  Hang pictures.  Go ahead and just accept that my paint choices for the office and guest bathroom were poor ones and re-paint.  Because you know, we deserve it. 

I'm starting with the guest bathroom.  Or at least that's my plan.  This photo below is my inspiration.  What do you think?  I want calming.  Soothing.  Modern (for the Math Man), but classic (for me). 

Photo is not my bathroom.  Sadly.  This is my inspiration from Young House Love.

Am I brave enough to tackle stripes?  A la Young House Love.
I like that this is a make-over that won't be any more expensive than the price of paint.  (plus a perfectly free swap of shower curtains from the apartment to the condo).  I'm putting it out here and now you can hold me to it.  Project number one.  And I don't even have to wait until I move back home this summer.  This one can start on a spring weekend.  Originally, I'd thought about verticle strips (to make the room feel taller?) but I'm now back to leaning towards shamelessly copying Young House Love with their horizontal stripes.  After all, it worked so well for them.  Goodbye (soon) wrong-color-green bathroom.  Hello more spacious-feeling, restful, striped, cream oasis. 

p.s. I've mentioned Young House Love on here before.  Seriously, those two are so talented and gracious-me, they are PROLIFIC!  I've been going back to peruse through their archives and I'm like still way back in 2008 with my reading.  I love their style and I'm inspired by their go-to-it attitude.  I made the Math Man this weekend look at many many examples of their brilliance.  That is before he reminded me that he had exams this week that he should be studying for.  And that he just couldn't take any more talk of nesting right at this moment. 

p.s. I can tell that spring in NC has sprung and it has me in a good mood.  Just look at all those caps!  It might bother you, but whatevs, it's my blog and I'm feeling happy.  Plus SPRING FORWARD!  While it sure was hard to get up this morning, manohman is Mr. Mason happy to know that it will be light out when I get home from work so he gets to go to the greenway.  Also, happiness b/c Spring Forward means I'm even closer to finishing up my time in this city (which I have come to enjoy) and moving back three hours across the state to live fulltime with the Math Man (which I will enjoy even more).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Mason, the study-buddy

I'm working from home today so not to share the germs of whatever latest bug I seem to have caught.  I feel guilty not going in to the office, but this is my first and only sick day since starting last August, so I don't feel too badly about it.  Plus, my job really can be done from home (or anywhere with a computer really) and I'm planning to get as much research and writing done here in my pajamas as I normally do in the office. 

Mr. Mason seems thrilled to have me home.  He's spent the morning alternating between house sharing my oversized office chair with me, keeping my lap warm, and occasionally hopping down to jump up on the couch and look out the window, before bringing me a stuffed animal, hoping to lure me away from Microsoft Word and Westlaw in order to get in a few rounds of pretend-the-stuffed-squirrel-is-alive-and-I-have-chased-it-caught-it-and-killed-it.  Really, it's a hard life he leads. 

Poor little guy, after three years of me being in law school, he probably doesn't understand why I have to leave him everyday and go do this work away from him. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where is the Snooze Button on my Biological Clock?

I don't exactly know where this comes from (although, I'm certain that evolution has something to do with it).  And I've tried to deny it but I guess I'll admit it.  BABIES!  on my 28 year old brain.  You would have thought that after spending this past weekend with Baby W dictating my every waking and sleeping moment (yes, he did wake me up on Sunday at 4:30 am and yes we were up for the day), that the baby hankering would have tapered off a bit with the reminder of just how much work babies are (and then of course they grow into toddlers and then little people and then some day teenagers and oh my goodness the work doesn't ever stop--yes, this is an attempt to scare myself into biological clock snooze mode), but the hankering hasn't let up.  In fact, if anything, I woke up Monday morning missing Baby W's sweet smelling baby breath and chubby looks-like-he's-wearing-rubberbands wrists.  Of course, I think it's fair to at least partially credit this phenomenon to the fact that Baby W is probably one of the world's best babies.  Seriously, they don't make 'em cuter than he is.  And yes, he's six months old, so of course he cries, but he's so happy to be soothed. 

Picture via someecards
There are several problems with my recent inability to find the snooze button. 

First, most obviously, while I know that Math Man and I are meant to be together forever, there is a small detail to take care of first.  We aren't yet married, not even yet engaged, and while I know that that isn't a technical requirement, let's just say it is one for me.  I certainly hope to bring a baby into a home where mom and dad have made a committment to each other forever--publically, in front of family and friends.  (Since, it is pretty clear to me that Math Man and I are committed to each other)

Secondly, Math Man and I aren't even living in the same city right now.  And while those three hour car trips back and forth sure do get old when its just me and Mr. Mason on Friday night, I can't even imagine what a HUGE pain they'd be with a little tyke in the backseat.  Uhm, plus, boo to single parenting during the workweek.  Of course, my job here ends this summer and then I'm back home to fulltime living-in-sin the dream.  And then, it'll just be Math Man who's gone--for grad school while he gets his smartypants* degree--and then only every other weekend for under one year more.  Sigh, did I mention that long distance gets really old really quickly?

But anyhow, off that tangent and back to the discussion at hand.  It's not only our immediate inability to get ourselves in the same city fulltime, that's leaving my hand flailing for the snooze button (but you know, without opening my eyes and while attempting to leave the rest of my body as comotose as possible--after all, there's a bichon curled up in a bichon nest my armpit to think about and try not to disturb!).  There's also the whole: "I-just-spent-three-years-of-my-life-(plus-racked-up-tons-of-debt-and-lost-opportunity-costs**)-and-that-doesn't-even-count-the-years-of-prep-and-schooling-before-law-school" to think about.  I'm not saying that all that would go right out the window if I had a baby right now.  But, I think that law, like many careers, is one where, rightly or wrongly, you really need to think about how having a family can change your career path.  I have a dear friend right now who is a new first year associate at a law firm in Boston and I know that caring for her sweet one-week-shy-of-one-year-old, while of course joyful, has also involved a tenuous balancing game that has added stress to her life above and beyond that normal level of crazy first year associate lawyer stress.  She's racing home to pick up from daycare, spending an hour or two with her son, putting him down, and then logging back in to work from home remotely for a few more hours of doc review every night--and all the while worrying that she won't get the interesting assignments because some partner might be worried that since she's a mom she won't be able to give it her all.  Uhm, fair?  No.  But do I want that for myself?  Not at all.

Of course, my own hope is not to be on the exact same career path as my dear friend, but firm to firm, market to market, public interest or private... being a brand new baby lawyer isn't exactly a career that lends itself to being out the door and on the way home right at five.  And the complications.  Two seconds on a message board at or some article where women lawyer mamas start to weigh in on the issue, makes me know that being a mama is tough.  And being a new attorney is tough.  And being both at the same time is, well, doubtle-tough.  Tons of mamas do it.  But I'm just saying, it gives me pause. 

So, hmmm... baby-wanting.  Yes, I think I'll just have to volunteer to watch Baby W again soon.  And soak him up.  And be that oblivious friend that encourages everyone around them to go for it and take the plunge (and all for selfish reasons, because I want to have more babies to love), while holding back myself, just for a little bit.  But in the meantime, let me know if you figure out that snooze button.

* Okay, so I guess that "smartypants" sounds a bit like I'm making fun of him.  I'm not.  Well, not on purpose.  Actually being a law-type myself, I find Math Man's pursuit of his graduate degree--and his hardworking willingness to do it while working fulltime--dare I say it?  Sexy.  Yes, that's right, he perked my interest with those killer blue eyes of his and that great sense of humor but it's his selflessness and hardworking go-get-em-style that convinced me that he was out to take on the world and yes, I'd let him woo me at the same time.  (oh yes, and those are some of the same traits that make me think he's not only husband material but yesohyes someday he'll make a fabulous baby daddy)

** "lost opportunity costs"!  There's a phrase I never would have said prior to the Math Man.  Geez, he's rubbing off on me!

Mr. Mason: the baby years

Mason Summer 2006

Monday, March 7, 2011

Babysitting and a Pacifier Thieving Rebel on our Hands

Let there be no doubt.  Mr. Mason is not read to be a big brother anytime soon ever. 
The Math Man and I spent the weekend babysitting the sweet six month old son of some of our best friends--while they got away over night alone together for the first time since sweet baby W arrived last labor day weekend.  While, W's sweet babyness might have only fueled my fire for a wee one of my own (but don't worry Math Man, not immediately), Mr. Mason would like to report that he feels otherwise.  Jealous would be the understatement of the year.  He took it upon himself to seek out every pacifier that he could find--under the crib, under the sofa, under the baby swing, and then eat them. 

Aw, Mr. Mason, don't worry, you'll always be my baby. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Love: Using Horses in all of my Decorating!

Riverwood Primatives Vintage Brass Horse Wall Hook
Are you singing to yourself yet, "I use antlers in all of my dec-or-a-ting!"  ("Oh, what a guy... Garçon!")  (What, you're not as big of a Beauty and the Beast fan as I am!?  Did I just reveal to you another dorky side of myself?)

Actually, I don't use antlers.  But I do love when I can work in horses.  Not in that oh-my-god-I'm-13-years-old! sort of way.  But in a tasteful antique-y sort of way.  After all, a month or so back, I did show you those gorgeous horse bookends that Jo highlighted on her blog.

So look at this pretty little hook I found on etsy today.  I'm thinking I'll put it in my bathroom, but we shall see.  So pretty.  I can't wait for it to show up.

Postnote:  It's here!  I love it.  Now, to just have it sit on the counter for days weeks before I decide that putting it up here in this apartment which I'll only be in for a few more months is silly and then I'll put it up in the condo.  At some point. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Princess Kate

I'm not normally very celebrity-crazy, but I can't help but follow all the excitement around Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.  They launched an official wedding website today.  Here.  You're welcome.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I love you more than. . .

Math Man, I love you more than paperwhites love sunshine.

More Internet Eye Candy

Who doesn't love a gorgeous and inspiring food blog?  This one is all about What Katie Ate.  I'd like to make the Berry Brulee.

Spring is coming.

Mr. Mason--Sunday, March 27, 2011
Look how happy that dog is for 80 degrees and a trip to the dog park.