Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chicago Weekend Reflections

I flew up to Chicago this weekend for no other reason than because Math Man was working there during the week and it seemed like a good excuse to see friends. 

And besides ridiculous delays getting up there (FOR NO REASON... there is a tirade about airlines somewhere in me not so far from the surface but I'm going to spare you), I had a wonderfulwonderful time. 

I'm not going to share a blow by blow with you that would be only interesting to, uhm, no one.  But I thought I would share some of the takeaways.

1.  Northwestern Law is amazing.  Seriously, in the words of one of my friends, I bleed purple.  I don't even feel one tenth as strongly about my undergrad.  I've drunk the purple kool-aid.  I beleive in "the Northwestern difference." 

2.  The people I met at Northwestern are amazing.  See point one.  Seriously, friends for life. 

3.  Chicago is amazing.  Love the city.  Love the lake.  Love the neighborhoods.  Love the restaurants. 

4.  North Carolina's weather is amazing.  I love how on Sunday, when Chicago experienced its first day in 2011 in the 80s, that everyone was outside soaking it up.  But I love how in NC, we sometimes get to take that for granted because, after all, it will probably be in the 80s tomorrow too. 

Already looking forward to my next trip back.  And, again, even with the student loans, and the economic crisis, and the fact that 2010 was probably the worst year possible to graduate from law school, counting my blessings.

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