Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Love: Using Horses in all of my Decorating!

Riverwood Primatives Vintage Brass Horse Wall Hook
Are you singing to yourself yet, "I use antlers in all of my dec-or-a-ting!"  ("Oh, what a guy... Garçon!")  (What, you're not as big of a Beauty and the Beast fan as I am!?  Did I just reveal to you another dorky side of myself?)

Actually, I don't use antlers.  But I do love when I can work in horses.  Not in that oh-my-god-I'm-13-years-old! sort of way.  But in a tasteful antique-y sort of way.  After all, a month or so back, I did show you those gorgeous horse bookends that Jo highlighted on her blog.

So look at this pretty little hook I found on etsy today.  I'm thinking I'll put it in my bathroom, but we shall see.  So pretty.  I can't wait for it to show up.

Postnote:  It's here!  I love it.  Now, to just have it sit on the counter for days weeks before I decide that putting it up here in this apartment which I'll only be in for a few more months is silly and then I'll put it up in the condo.  At some point. 

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