Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Email for Mr. Mason

Math Man sent Mr. Mason a birthday email today.  (via me of course)  I just had to share because it certainly is part of the Mr. Mason festivities around these parts today.  Plus, I just think that Math Man is the sweetest ever. 

Dear Mason,

Happy Saint Patty’s Day and Happy 5th Birthday from your dog dad! I’m quite excited to celebrate with you this weekend. I promise that there will be some good walks. Hopefully we will see squirrels.

With age comes more responsibility. You are now the man of the house. Please make sure you take Callie on walks in the morning and in the evening. They are a good for her, and maybe it will give you an opportunity to see additional squirrels. Also, please make sure to guard the house. By this I mean please sit in the window frequently (on the back of the couch) to scare away malicious neighborhood guitar players, and of course any mean spirited squirrels. With all of this middle east uprising, please also be on the lookout for insurgent squirrels.

Please look forward to being dyed green this year for your birthday!


post-edit:  I cannot wait until Mr. Mason, the Math Man, and I all get to be in one place all the time.  No more of this just emailing on birthdays.  Also, Math Man kids about dying Mr. Mason green.  He suggests it all the time but I am 172% against it. 

 Photo from Math Man's email.  I have no idea where he found it.

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