Monday, March 14, 2011

Tidbits from my Weekend

  • Take-out pho on Friday night when I got in town at 8:45pm with the Math Man.  Yum.
  • Math Man made us breakfast Saturday morning.  Have I mentioned that I never want to fix eggs again?  He does it so much better and so I've become spoiled.
  • Saturday afternoon visiting with a friend in Huntersville.  Happy for her to have met such a wonderful man and happy that he realizes it and that they are getting married.  And how fun that her daughter is getting married in the same year?  Also, I just love that this co-worker-turned-friend is 30 years older than me and it doesn't even matter.  Some friendships can't be contained by ages. 
  • Math Man was studying much of the weekend but I managed to pull him away to go get burguishi (much more delicious than it sounds) with good friends at Cowfish on Saturday night.  Oh and before that, we had people over for appetizers and I finally for the first time managed to not have my baked brie end up all over the oven.  The trick is definitely LOTS of layers of phyllo dough.  Far more than the recipe called for. 
  • A chatty visit with a good friend who is expecting TWINS!!!  (The extra smiles I feel when I hear about extra long awaited babies is pretty much the most contagious warming happy-dance feeling ever)
  • I ran 1.65 miles on Saturday morning.  I only stopped about halfway through for MERE SECONDS to stretch.  This, my bloggy friends, is a HUGE accomplishment in my book.  Yeah, yeah, I know, my friends and other people run like miles all the time, but for me, every little extra tenth of a mile is huge and I am going to celebrate every little accomplishment along the way.  So, yeah, GO!  ME!   
  • Mr. Mason seemed to have a bit of a bug.  Warm nose and triply cuddly/lazy.  I babied him all weekend long and spent lots of time watching basketball and letting Math Man spoon me while I spooned Mr. Mason with all of us in a pile on the couch.  Sorry that Mr. Mason felt bad but happy for the cuddle time.  P.s. Does anyone know if it is possible for Mr. Mason to have gotten my bug from last week?  Or was it just coincidence that I was under the weather and then 2 days later, Mr. Mason wasn't his usual self too?
  • Meeting neighbors.  They aren't new and we aren't new, but we've just passed each other too many times so that I felt badly asking (re-asking?) what their names were, but this time we stopped, and went through introductions (again?), and chatted and chatted and discovered that we have lots in common. 
  • Sunday afternoon birthday celebration for another friend--complete with getting to meet other friends' (I&R) new baby boy for the first time.  He (the baby) was not a happy camper the whole time, but oh-gracious, he looks just like his mama and wow-ee those blue eyes were to die for. 
So in summary: good food, good friends, lots of cuddles.  A perfect weekend.  Well, perhaps if Carolina had beat Dook and if Wake Forest had even shown up for this year's basketball party, it could have been better, but you know, it was pretty near perfect.

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