Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nici's Aspiration Challenge

Nici has challenged her readers to stop and think about what they want to learn for themselves this year.  And just because I like the idea of it and because perhaps putting it out here publically will make me more likely to follow through with it, I thought I'd share mine with you.

I have two.  The first is in process right now as we speak.  I've been a blog reader for too long. I have wanted to start a blog but never have because I thought I wasn't a good writer.  And who would want to read about me?  And I don't even have any time.  Or a camera.  Or a baby or something worthwhile to photograph (besides Mr. Mason of course).  And what about the privacy issues?  But even as I have had all these strings holding me back, I have want that supportive space to put my thoughts out there and record my smiles.

The second aspiration is also somewhat in progress.  Actually, it's been somewhat in progress but never quite attained for years.  I want to learn to ENJOY exercising.  I'm not hung up on whether its running or the gym or whatnot.  It can be whatever.  (Okay, I'd love to learn to love to run, but that seems more daunting)  I am jealous of those people who just get out there and enjoy using their bodies as they were meant to be used so much that when they don't get in their run or their workout they get grumpy.  Yes, that's right.  I'd like to learn to become addicted to exercise endorphins.

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