Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Internet is Full of Good People

As I mentioned to you the other day, I've been on a bit of weight-loss journey.  Well, as part of that journey, I've been stumbling around bloggyland, looking for inspiration and reading about a wide variety of new-to-me workouts, light recipes, and various bits of encouragement when I really want to reach for a cookie instead.  Which brought me to Rachel.  Rachel has a very inspiring yoga blog--not only inspiring because of her yoga practice, but generally inspiring because of her general happy outlook on life.  Oh, plus, she hosts the occasional giveaway.  And this girl loves a good giveaway.  And so, through some luck, after entering one of Rachel's giveaways, I found myself excitedly awaiting a yoga prize coming in the mail. 

Only, it never came.  Now, I don't know how often this happens, but I have to imagine I'm not the only one who's had this experience before.  Excitment for something awesome and free to come in the mail.  Something that I want but might not have splurged for myself.  Thrill at how much I need new workout gear--because watching-what-I-eat-and-going-regularly-to-the-gym! is actually working and it would be nice to not hide out in my baggy sweat pants but to get to play at being one of those cute gym bunnies.  But then, disappointment.  Because it never shows up.  And then realizing that boo.... I'd actually let myself get really excited about new workout wear and now I wasn't going to get it unless I forked over some hard-earned cash for it myself.  (Hey, I'm not all splurgy in real life!  After all, government attorneys don't make that much!)

But then... only five days ago (I literally just checked gmail to be sure that this timing is right because I was impressed with the speed), Rachel emailed me to tell me that she was so sorry but that it looked like the particular giveaway sponsor who'd hosted the giveaway I'd won was going to flake out.... but, and here's where Rachel wins one of my highly-prestigious (well to me) awesome-sauce awards, that she had some contacts within the yoga community and she'd reached out to see if another blog-sponsor could make it right by me.  So she tells me to check out YogaWithStyle because Jennifer over there is going to send some goody my way. 

I choose the Alo capri pant.  In navy.  Teal blue piping.  And bloggyworld, let me tell you, there is a new gym bunny at the YMCA!  (hehe, it's me! --just in case that wasn't obvious.)  I can already tell that these pants are going to be in my regular rotation.  Erhem, there going to join the ranks of pants-that-when-dirty-motivate-me-to-run-laundry-immediately!  Comfy.  Flexible.  And cute to boot.  They add ooom to my yoga practice and hi-ya! to my kickboxing. 

Now this isn't a review blog.  And I have no intention of making it one.  This is a blog about things that make me happy.  And the good in the world.  And things that live up to the smile-standard set by Mr. Mason.  Rachel and Jennifer, you guys make the cut.  Thank you for stepping up and "making things right" when you didn't have to.  When you had no obligation to whatsoever.  For righting a wrong that wasn't even your fault.  For making this girl smile and then fist pump.  


  1. Callie you are SO welcome - Love and Light to you always. Folks like you make the world a better place and more fun for us to do what we do. Anything we can do in the future, please stay in touch.

  2. Hey Callie,
    Thanks for this beautiful post. It truly is inspiring to see other women in the blogosphere who aren't afraid to be themselves, write from the heart, and spread the yoga love :)

    And hey, I'm always glad to hook up a fellow yogini with a pair of pants that rocks!!

    rachel @ alive in the fire

  3. what an awesome full of accolades post! makes me happy to know things were turned the right way around for you lades. i can't imagine how you felt at first though, that kinda blows but good for her on contacting you and keeping it cool like that. nice share and cheers to the new Y membership. ♥

    pea ess: hearing about your friend who acts on her convictions was just the kick i needed for a good day. nice to know it's a continued theme here.


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