Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things I Love: Valentine Garlands

So I'm not usually one much for decorating with hearts.  I'm somewhat anti-cutesy.  (or at least I think I am)  But last year, I decorated for a baby shower by stringing up onesies on a clothes line.  Then each guest took one down, decorated it, and hung it back up.  Typically, I have no cute pictures.  So take my word for it.  It was cute.  And it was a huge improvement over some of the awkward shower games I've been forced to participate in in the past.

The only picture I have from the shower is a poor one.  Poorly lit.  Weird angle.  But you get the idea.
 Anyhow, ever since, I've thought more highly of garlands in decorating.  It just seems to scream "YAY!!!  We're celebrating!!!"  And, while I'm not really a fan of cheap stuffed animals or expensive chocolates or any of the other numerous tacky pink and red items sold in stores this time of year, I do love me some Valentine's Day.  After all, I think its pretty awesome that we have a whole day to get our feelings out and tell others we love them.  Who cares if it was originally prompted by the card and chocolate selling industry? 

These would go so nicely in my living room--can you imagine the pretty heart shaped shadows they'd cast?
 So today I'm loving these garlands.  To me, they're interesting in a geometric sort of way.  They don't scream to me "VALENTINE'S" and so I wouldn't object if they ended up staying up past the holiday and stretching into March.  After all, with the on again off again cold and the mud of this time of year, it doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra cheer.  Also, they look to me like they are homemade--in that good way--like by a dear friend who wanted to surprise you (as opposed to pumped out by some massive machine and sold by the thousands in RiteAid), of course, only that dear friend would obviously have to be someone far more talented and creative than I am.  And, you know, based on how excited I get about pulling out my Christmas decorations every year, perhaps I need to start a collection for other holidays.  These would be a lovely addition to pull out each February.

I love how these really seem to harken towards spring--how cheery they are!

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  1. The Valentine garlands are so cool!
    Glad you stopped by Friendly Friday. :)


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