Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I Love: Ork

I love maps.  I love their colors--how graphical and visual they are.  I also love how informative.  No seriously, I can look at a map--any map--for a long time.  And then come back and look at it again and again.  I like to imagine where I'll go--whether that is a future adventure on the other side of the world or just "oh look--a new park I never noticed right here in town--I wonder if they have squirrels for Mr. Mason to chase." 

I also love using maps in decorating.  In our bedroom, we have two large maps--one of the world and one of the U.S. hanging up over our bed.  In the morning, sometimes I find myself standing on the bed, looking for countries that I've just heard about for the first time on NPR.  And then we have a third map--by far my favorite.  It's an Ork screen print typographical map of Chicago.  And it isn't just a map.  It's art. 
Ork Chicago Screen Print in Vermillion
I love love love it.  The typography.  The ORANGE!  The words are a light blue and I could literally stare at it all day long.  I walked by it lusted after it everyday in the window of a frame shop in Lincoln Park (see, you can find that neighborhood in the print!) and then, knowing I was moving back to NC this past May, I finally got it for the Math Man for Christmas a year ago.  We even got it framed.  (If you're familiar with our rate of home-improvment-decorating-and-general-getting-things-done, you'd be really impressed by this)

And this weekend, yes one year later, my parents are coming in town and so I am bound and determined to get this piece of beauty up on the wall.  (Not that I haven't been looking at it in the last year.  I just have had it leaning.)  Funny how houseguests are so motivating to get things done you've been meaning to do for forever, huh?

I also thought I'd share one more print that the talented Jenny Beorkrem created--seeing as how the theme of my blog is love and all.  (Plus, doesn't this one make you wish you had a cardiologist on your Christmas list?)
Ork Gotta Have Heart Print
P.S. Dear Jenny, please contemplate making a print of North Carolina.  Perhaps all the counties?

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