Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hugging Mr. Mason Close

So in the last week, two good friends of mine have both lost their dogs.  S's L.P. was young and it was unexpected.  And while C's Dakota was an older dog, that certainly doesn't take any of the ache away. 

The two pups who I grew up with, Potomac and Patapsco, passed away January of my 1L and January of my 2L year in law school.  Even not having lived at home for a few years at that point, it was heart shattering. 

I'd like to make a new rule.  Dogs should not be allowed to get old, sick, or die as long as they are loved. 

S and C, my heart is breaking for you.  Potomac and Patapsco, you've been gone three and two years, I will always miss you.  And Mr. Mason, did you see my new rule?  Yeah, don't break that rule.  I love you.

Potomac, Wolfgang, Patapsco, Mason August 2006
 Hug your pups close folks.

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  1. It's always heartbreaking to read about blog friends losing their pets. One of my good friends lost her companion a few weeks ago and it really does leave a hole in your heart.
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