Friday, February 25, 2011

Epic Moments by Callie

Perhaps this was deserved karma for wednesday's post about wanting an ipod jack in my car.  Getting a wee bit too want-y or something like that.  But today, when I went to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I found my ipod.  (I'd been listening to it last night--so it wasn't like I'd noticed it was missing.)  In the washer.  With the damp laundry.  Long earbud cords knotted up and twisted around a pair of jeans legs so casually as if they were runaway panty hose.  Needless to say, my ipod won't turn on.  I'm not sure if it was the water or the spin cycle that did it in, but my beloved ipod will not turn on.

Dear ipod, we've been pretty inseparable the last four years and I'm going to miss you.  You accompany me on almost all of Mr. Mason's walks.  You sit in your dock and provide music while I cook.  Last summer, I listened to all my bar prep lectures on you over and over again.  I got all my news through you on podcasts while battling the public transportation system of Chicago.  At night, I like to listen in my bed to a chapter of whatever current audiobook you are reading to me before falling asleep. 

I wish I could blame this one elsewhere.  This is the kind of discovery that bloggers with small children write about.  But I have no small children.  And Mr. Mason certainly wasn't running laundry last night.  So it was pretty much all my fault....

Monday Morning Postscript: Thank you to my dad the engineer for suggesting I put dear ipod in a ziplock along with some of those do-not-eat-drying-packets that come in shoe boxes.  Hopefully it will draw any moisture out and one week from now my ipod will spontaneously begin to work again.  Thank you to Math Man for offering up his ipod to me--even though he uses his when he runs--just because he knows I use mine more than he uses his (and because I suspect he loves me--a lot a lot--and he's a sweetie like that).  And thank you to my sister for having an extra ipod she wasn't even using and giving it to me (I'm off to the Apple store after work today to see if I can get it to hold a charge).  Obviously, mine is a family who takes the loss-of-ipod seriously and I am so lucky to be so loved.

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  1. Thanks for hooking up with Thirsty for Comments last week - I can't tell you how many little electronics of my daughters have been washed, including USB drives, cell phones and more...
    Hope your Ipod survived!

    BTW - you are this week's featured blogger on Thirsty for Comments so I hope you'll link up again!


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