Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bike Love

 I've been thinking I should/could start biking to work.  It would be good for me.  It would be good for the environment.  And afterall, it isn't like I still live in Chicago.  (Although this blog tells me that this excuse is a poor one.)  I live in North Carolina.  It's only 3.2 miles from my apartment to my office.  Last night it stayed light out until 7 pm.  Spring is coming and I've made a goal of bike commuting.  (At least on the days that I don't have anywhere to go after work.)
Heather, who went to undergrad with me (but I wasn't lucky enough to know her there) and then transfered to my law school, is way cooler than I.  She's the facebook friend who's constantly posting urgent links about important social justice issues.  You know, the issues I care about but hadn't ever stopped to think about before.  Plus, she's really nice.

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