Thursday, January 13, 2011

To my future otra mitad naranja*

I found a sweet blog today.  Worth sharing.  It's premised on a series of statements that this self described "a little idealistic" man has been writing to his future wife.  Some of them are quite sweet and some made me smile ("We will not be participating in any “Real Housewives of ______” productions. Viewing, maybe. Participating, no.").  I love the idea of these little quips so much I wish I'd thought of it myself. 

*I studied abroad in Chile and fell in love with this phrase.  Literally it means "my other half orange" and they use it instead of soul mate.  It makes me smile because Math Man is mi otra mitad naranja.

postedit: I found the female counterpart.  This blog follows the same format and is perhaps a bit less idealistic but quite clever and funny and yes, even sweet. 

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