Sunday, January 16, 2011

More inbox housecleaning (and sharing)

I sent this one in November:

I am of course pleased to know that "Waity Katie" Middleton has gotten engaged to her Prince William.  We have a lot in common, Kate and I.  She likes horses.  I like horses.  She likes to ski.  I like to ski.  She has incredible fashion sense.  I aspire to someday have incredible fashion sense.  She graduated from college in 2005.  So did I.  Her major was art history.  I had a fine art minor.  She studied abroad in Chile--I studied abroad in Chile!  She is 28.  I am 28.  She speaks English.  English is my first language too!  She started dating Prince William in Spring of 2004--I started dating my Math Man* in Spring of 2004.  Obviously, we can take this as a very good sign.  2011 is a hot year for girls whose real names are Catherine to get married. 

*email edited only to protect the names of those not-yet-aware of this public blog about my private inner thoughts.  (After all, I don't want to embarrass him)


  1. I don't know if Kate M has any charm, but you may be winning in this department!


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