Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion to end Batten Disease

This is a shameless plug.  I mentioned in one of my first posts how Batten disease research is a cause near and dear to my heart.  I may have mentioned that Taylor is the reason why.  She spunky and has a heart the size of our fabulous stretch from east to west state of North Carolina. 

Batten disease is ugly.  It causes blindness but it isn't content to stop at that.  It causes seizures.  It causes mental deterioration.  It takes away the ability to walk, to talk, to even eat.  It kills.  It is merciless and mean-spirited.  And it must be stopped. 

I want to do my little bit.  In fact, I've wanted to do my little bit for a long time and I've felt inadequate.  I've been in grad school and even now that I've graduated that monthly student loan payment makes me suck in my breath and do a bit of math each time.  I've put off going to the dentist goshdarnit for so long I'm now convinced I've got cavities.  (How long is so long?  Well, let's just say I think I might have been in 2007.)

But the thing is?  Cavities won't kill me (I know, don't tell me how they have killed someone before... my mouth isn't that bad).  And kids like Taylor need the researchers to get researching now.  As in yesterday-now.

So, I'm trying to do my little bit.  (and no, I, of course, don't plan on this being my only little bit, so here's my little bit for right now)  I have a giftcard.  A $250 giftcard to  It's worth checking out.  The concept behind this little stroke of genius is that surely there are lots of women with Champagne tastes who only have Diet Dr. Pepper bank accounts.  (ehem, I might be one of them)  We can't all have caviar every day.  Or dangle multiple carets of diamonds from our ears.  We can't all afford to wear Prada and Gucci and goodness I don't even know the names of the biggest up and coming expensive designers.  But we can rent it.  Look smashing for that fancy wedding or debutante ball or reunion or perhaps even you're headed to a charity gala....  Then on Monday morning after the big day drop the expensive item in the mail.  Don't even bother to dry clean it.  And viola!  You were the bell of the ball.  Think about the facebook comments your friends will leave you about how fabulous you looked in your designer duds. 

Of course, the real joy in the whole thing is that you can really make a difference while doing it.  So here's the auction.  Go ahead, you're surfing the internet anyhow.  Just go check it out.  And if you can bid, please do.  And if you can't, then tell someone else about it.  Do you know any fashionistas?  Do you know any big-hearted people who also hate what this horrible disease is doing to Taylor and children like Taylor?  Spread the word.  Bid bid bid, my dearies!

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