Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm still here

It's been almost a month (since May 2nd) since I posted a "real" post.  You know one where I actually said something instead of just slapping a photo up of something I found pretty.  (Again, with photos I've found prior to discovering Pinterest). 

Sorry about that.  It wasn't really on purpose.  At first, I wanted to take the time to adequately write about our 5K.  Yes, we ran it.  The whole thing without stopping.  In fact, I crossed the finish line at 29 minutes 56 seconds.  (I know, slow for so many, but for me I'll take a big WOOT WOOT for finishing under 30!)  Not only that, much more importantly about $8,000 was raised to fight Batten Disease

And then my mom visited.  We went wedding dress shopping.  I spent some time in Charlotte getting things done there (step one towards a calming bedroom done, step two through ten still to go).  I've seen some friends, had good phone chats with others, am holding my breath for the the health of another and for her little baby Noah in the NICU right now, spent some quality time with my sewing machine and am falling in love with it, interviewed for an awesome job (and am now in the limbo waiting period), have been busy at work, and, am still madly in love with my Math Man who I get to call my FIANCE now.  And well, you know how it goes, somehow each one of these things was blog worthy but I didn't get around to stopping and writing it all down. 

I'll try to be better about it.  Because, I want a record of these things that make me smile.  You know, more like this awesome lady.  But, if I'm not?  Well, I'll keep posting a few smile-worthy pictures.  And I'll keep smiling in real life.  And then at some point I'll be back here on this space again saying that I have been so busy but its all good really.

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