Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello again, a real post.

Well, I've already fallen off the blogging bandwagon and I barely even started. 

(Did all my wedding posts fool you?  I wasn't really here.  I mean, I was, but not really.  Before I discovered pinterest and started pinning my wedding inspiration, I had put several here on the ol' blog.  As a way to record them.  For me.  And to share.  So enjoy as they run out.  They're more general wedding inspiration while the pin board is inspiration specific to the direction my actual wedding is heading.  I find both incredible fun procrastination tools.)

In the meantime (since blogging for real last), I've done some wedding planning, some traveling (to Boston and the beach), and some so-far-still-fruitless job hunting.  And wow--somehow it is magically already August! 

The highlight of my days is dreaming of both moving fulltime to Charlotte and thinking about the wedding.  After so much time apart, I'm thrilled to be back in the same town as Math Man.  FULLTIME.  No more Monday morning 4 a.m. alarm clocks forcing me out of bed to drive across the state and make it to work on time here in Raleigh.  No more random Tuesday nights wishing that I had someone to walk Mr. Mason with or to eat dinner with.  No more lonely knowing that my best friend is across the state and I have to make it until Friday night to see him. 

We have a date.  In May.  We have a place.  (Folly Beach SC Beach House)  AND I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT!  Sometimes I wonder if its normal at almost 29 years old to be so excited about one thing that I cannot think about anything else? 

Probably not.  Probably its just me. 

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